Kodokan is the dojo in Rotterdam for iaido and jodo! Since 2009 we train iaido in Rotterdam.
The iaidolessons will be given by Elise Heijboer, Baukje Weber and Roel Meelkop.
Iaido trainings are on mondays and thursdays and jodo on thursdays. For more background information about iaido and jodo see the other pages.

Free trial lesson iaido and/or jodo!
Interested in iaido or jodo? Join us for a free lesson. Spectators are also very welcome. During a trial lesson you will get to know a bit of the ins and outs of iaido and/or jodo. Still interested? Then join the beginnners course. For the trial lesson you only need comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. We train barefeet.

New location
Gymzaal Spaanseweg
Spaanseweg 32
3028 HW / Rotterdam

Monday + Thursday (19:00-20:30)

Thursday (20:30-22:00)

Information/sign up: info@kodokan-rotterdam.nl

muko no katana tsukatori
muko no katana tsukatori