About Jodo

About JODO

Jodo stands for “the way of the jo”. The jo is a stick of 128 cm long and 2.4 cm in diameter. So basically the way of the stick. As with iaido, the fights are performed in the form of a kata. A big and important difference with iaido is that in jodo you have a real opponent, namely someone with 1 or 2 swords who actually comes to hit you on the head (or somewhere else). The aim is of course to prevent this and also to make it clear that you were not served by the attack.

Come and meet jodo at Kodokan! You can always watch, but participating is more fun. Class starts every Thursday at 8:30 PM. You can always request more information via info@kodokan-rotterdam.nl. Please also let us know that you are coming to train, and we will provide the necessary weapons.

We practice Z.N.K.R. jodo and jodo according to the so-called “Tokyo style” of the classical system Shinto Muso ryu. You will find more information about this on the following pages.

Training August 2021